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Poster: Sonuvagun Date: Jul 29, 2007 8:12am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Cliff: is it okee dokee if I post?

Grand protector of the board, almighty diviner of truth, grand poobah, whatever.

Gee whillikerz, man. I want to be sure that what I post is okay and passes your seal of approval before I post. I mean, I might get the Huckster treatment, be called a 2, and never, ever be treated nicely again. Kind like that McCarthy fellow--I don't mean clean for Gene.

But am I real or am I memorex? Please decide, Cliff, before I post again. As Goofy once said, "garsh!" Cuz, cuz, I might be wuz or I might be fuzz or I might be u no hooooo.

Your ever lovin' pal.

smile, cliff, you're on candid camera and the film is running.

Can I post? Huh, can I?

Cliff takes the cake:

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